Posted by: Derek J. Soto | September 14, 2008

Amazingly Simple ways to beat Obsessive compulsive behavior

Obsessive-compulsive-disorder help!

Amazingly Simple ways to beat Obsessive compulsive behavior

Time and time again I hear new ways and new methods as well as the old ones about how to beat obsessive compulsive disorder. However you rarely if ever read about the mind process behind it. What goes through our heads when we perform a ritual and in which parts of that process can we intervene and correct bad patterns and habits?

One of the simplest ways to cut the obsessive compulsive disorder cycle short is to recognize when you are having an OCD thought. Simple enough right? We all know when our thoughts are OCD. Make sure that you are aware when you are having these thoughts. Don’t look for these thoughts or waste energy or time looking for them, just know when they pop into your mind.

The second part is to tag this thought as such. After you recognize a thought as being an OCD thought, then you must consciously say to yourself that this is an OCD thought and you will treat it as such.

The third part is how to treat An OCD thought that you have recognized and now have tagged. You treat it as such. Say to yourself, “this is an OCD thought, I will not empower this thought by reacting with fear, I can’t choose what pops into my mind, but I can choose how I react to it, and I choose to react to this thought as it’s silly and focus on more important things.”

The fourth part after shrugging off an OCD thought like someone who doesn’t have OCD is to think about something that you do love. You’ve got to assign the weight that you wanted to assign to that OCD thought to a productive thought. So think about something else important to you, like that test you took in school, or your job or living situation.

Think about a problem that you have, something you are concerned about. Then think about what you are grateful for. Count your blessings and name them one by one. You will find that these processes and these steps will greatly help your cause in beating OCD. Realize that OCD is just a thought process and a habit and in order to beat it, you need to look at how you think and ask yourself where you are giving into the temptation of reacting to your OCD thoughts.

What you really want to do is to replace your habits of OCD just like a smoker replaces smoking at first with chewing gum or something like that. Then it will be easier to break the new habit. So instead of “quitting cold turkey” so to speak, you can switch from being addicted to OCD, to let’s say, chewing gum. Then it will be easier to quit chewing gum then quitting OCD. But see this is where you tricked your brain, because by switching habits from your OCD to chewing gum, you did quit your OCD!

See looking at it this way, by not focusing on something, you bypass all the resistance. Read this a few times if it doesn’t click the first time, it’s profound and very powerful.

Obsessive-compulsive-behavior help!


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